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“Couldn’t ask for anything better. It also looks wonderful, really very, very beautiful.”

Ofra Bikel, Frontline producer


“Perhaps the greatest feature of these films is their accessibility. Viewers of every age and every level of intellectual curiosity can find something here to fascinate, amuse, and enlighten.”

Chris Fennimore, Director of Programming WQED


“From deciphering ‘Ramses’ as the breakthrough in understanding ancient Egyptian writings to the simple derivation of ‘upper’ and ‘lower-case’ letters, the information presented is enlightening, fun, and thoroughly entertaining.”

Dick Bowman, former Head WTTW/Chicago

Picture of Steven Pinker

The Writing CodeĀ educates people about this neglected part of our world…it’s hugely entertaining–visually gorgeous, gripping in its human story, clear in its explanations, and…done with good humor and an endearing light touch. I hope it gets a wide airing–everyone will like it.”

Steven Pinker, Harvard University

Picture of George Miller

“The programs are excellent, imaginative, informative and amazing…the science of linguistics has benefited enormously from this work.”

George Miller, Princeton University

Picture of Professor Langendoen

The Writing Code, likeĀ The Human Language, is educational television programming at its best…[it] asks just the right questions, but does not hammer the audience over the head with all the answers.”

D. Terence Langendoen, Professor Emeritus, Department of Linguistics, The University of Arizona